Is Care available in Birtley Mews?

As Birtley Mews are for 'independent' living, we do not supply nursing or personal care here. A resident can receive care in the adjoining Birtley House Nursing Home, subject to availability, or they can arrange for a Home Care company to visit. At night time the Nursing team in Birtley House will respond to the Emergency call bells in the Resident's flats.

Can I have visitors staying overnight?

Of course, all we ask is that you inform the Mews Warden of any guests who may be staying overnight.

Do you take couples?

Yes we do! We've had many couples over the years who together have benefitted from life in the Mews.

Can I have pets?

We do sometimes allow pets to live with their owners in the Mews (subject to the animal being unlikely to disturb your neighbours), but please be aware that it is the Resident's responsibility to exercise them if needed.

Can I plant my own garden foliage?

Yes, so long as it is within your designated area and not blocking the view of your neighbours.

Am I able to provide my own home care service?

Yes. We are not able to provide this service ourselves.

Is there a postman who would deliver to me directly?

Post is delivered to Birtley House Nursing Home, where it is sorted and delivered to you by the Warden.

Is there parking?

A personal parking space can be provided free of charge.

Is there Wifi available?

Free Wifi is available throughout the Mews.

Can I install Sky television or any other television supplier?

We have a Sky dish that you are welcome to connect to but you would need to take out your own contract with Sky shoudl you wish for this service.

In addition to the service charge, what other bills would I pay?

Only Council Tax, assuming that the Resident is already exempt from paying for a TV licence. All other utilities are covered by the company.

Can I use the services in the house such as hairdressing, activities, Chaplain services etc?

All the house activities and Chaplain services are on offer to you. They are a great way to enjoy your day, socialise with new friends and many of our Mews Residents join in. You may also book appointments with the Birtley House Hairdresser, Physiotherapist, Massage therapist, Aromatherapist or Chiropodist, should you wish.

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