Why Birtley Mews?

The Carefree retirement: Built in 1999 our Mews flats will celebrate their 20th birthday later this year, and our wardens have some lovely celebrations planned to mark this occasion. A very new concept at the time of building, our longest standing Mews Resident reached almost 8 years in their flat, before choosing to move into Birtley House Nursing Home. Today, as Independent Living becomes more understood and a preferred option for many, people are considering this decision earlier in their lives.

The support on offer allows retirement to be what it should be - carefree - with the option to spend time doing what you would like to do, rather than what you need to do. Over time, living in a Mews flat can be far more cost effective than maintaining your own house and utility bills, and the personal time left over for enjoyment is a bonus. Mews flats quickly become home to anyone who chooses to move in, as they are filled with your own furniture and personal belongings.

Couples: We welcome couples into the Mews apartments who can benefit greatly from sharing the monthly support package. The Warden support and 24-hour emergency response availability offers peace of mind and comfort for family members.

The Benefits: The spacious apartments provide all the advantages of an independent lifestyle for those who are not yet requiring care but would value relief from daily concerns such as household maintenance, utility bills, laundry and food shopping. Our wheelchair accessible vehicle can be booked to take Residents to appointments or on shopping trips with prior notice.

The environment: The environment in which the flats are set is simply stunning, with countryside views and various wildlife also resident, as well as the added benefit of being able to use the Birtley House gardens to enjoy the trees, the stunning landscaped flower walks and lakes.

The Activities/Social Life: As a Mews Resident you also have the option of fun daily activities and a community to enjoy right on your doorstep, should you wish to. These options together with the Wardens support, naturally encourages your general wellbeing for the better, however everything is optional and you can also live a life as separate and private from the main house as you like.

The future: Living at Birtley Mews also removes the anxiety of an unknown future - a carefully planned and considered move to a West Wing apartment or nursing home room within Birtley House itself can be arranged, if necessary down the line. This can even be done on a temporary basis for a period of respite, should you need to recover from any time spent in hospital.


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